Trailer and gameplay video for the game Deadliners. I did the music and sound design. Out now on Steam Soundtrack available on Bandcamp
Trailer for Limes On A Beach And Then You Die, developed at Nordic Game Jam 2018.
A game demo that I did the music, sound and programming for using Unity and Playmaker.
Here's a few snippets of gameplay with music and sound FX from some of the game jam games that I've worked on. Download links on the games page.
Trailer for an award show at Aalborg University / Medialogy with 8-bit retro style music.
A cut scene from the game Rascal Racers that I did the music and sound design for.
A documentary about the TV series "Broen" and the "Nordic Noir" genre in television.
Part of a series of informercials from DGI that I did the music for.